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Laser Wired Handheld USB Barcode Scanner



  • Anti-shake + Anti-drop, scan the barcode with a fast 120 times/second speed,Plug and play.
  • The sensitivity Remains Almost same Upto 3 years
  • Suit for more than 14 kinds of barcode
  • Gilded Optical Coating technology + 32 master chip mounting patented software, it allows the barcode scanner have the ablility to scan barcode when the code is " Reflective, blur, color bar" or when in light and dark light situation.
  • CPU 32 bits; support system of one-dimensional bar code


Barcode scanner is easy to operate with a durable design life of 5 years Approx(Depends On Usability). It has an excellent decoding speed of 120 times per second. Product Features: Scan Pattern : Single Line,Scan Speed : 120 scan lines per second Symbol Contrast :35% minimum reflectance difference Scanning Angle : Horizontal : 72° Vertical´╝Ü82° LED Indicator : Buzzer and bi-color light( Red-power, Blue-decoding Successfully). Electrical Parameters : Input Voltage : 5V, Operating Power : 85mA, Standby Power :36mA.

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