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USB 2.0 DVD Player


  • DivX Ultra certified
  • USB Media Link to easily plug in your USB and view content
  • Screen Fit to allow viewing on any size


Tech-Savvy DVD Player

Cherish eternal memories with USB 2.0 DVD Player. It lets you watch your favourite movies, music or play the DVDs of precious occasions of your life. The USB 2.0 DVD Player comes with advanced technologies to read a variety of discs enabling you to seamlessly play DVDs, CDs and more on a singular device. Its Dolby Digital audio system is responsible to produce high-grade acoustics for you with powerful sound output.

ProReader Drive

Enabled with ProReader Drive technology, this USB 2.0 DVD Player enhances your audio-visual amusement by leaps and bounds. The technology targets an effective conversion of weak analogue signals into efficient digital signals to deliver its productive performance.

PSVE and DAC Converter

You view a lively picture with fine details visible on your host device's screen. The PSVE feature of the USB 2.0 DVD Player allows high-resolution full-size image to add clarity and sharpness to your content. Even the colours are beautifully vibrant and effervescent owing to its 12-bit 108 MHz DAC Converter that brings alive a colourful world on your display.

Screen Fit

Entertainment can come full circle with the USB 2.0 DVD Player. Its Screen Fit feature lets you adjust your television display to the full-size to give you an extensive screen view. Your cinema or music viewing can be amazing if you connect a large screen TV with this DVD Player to enjoy the more.


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